Currently my main teaching responsibilities include an undergraduate class, taught every Spring semester, related to crop production (AGRON 212). I am the instructor for the lecture component and Dr. Erik Christian is responsible for the lab section (AGRON 212L - a different class). Dr. Christian is the instructor for the lecture section in the Fall. I also teach a graduate course in Crop and Soil Modeling (AGRON 525).


Crop Growth, Productivity and Management (link) . Overview of agronomic management practices in the context of global and US agriculture. Current practices and their historical evolution. Agriculture as a managed ecosystem. Constraints arising from resources, markets, and regulation. Managing for diverse goals: profitability, and wise natural resource management. Emphasis on crops grown in the Midwest with a global perspective. Key ecological and evolutionary topics to be included: biogeochemical cycles, soil organic matter, and field level crop nutrition, hydrogeological cycles, and crop water use; food webs and pest population regulation, genetic diversity and crop improvement, selection for pest resistance, movement of soil and nutrients.


Course in Crop and Soil Modeling (link) . This course will be offered again Fall 2017.


Graduate Student Seminar (link) .
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    Special topics class on crop-soil modeling here .

    Guest Lecture: Agron 522

    Guest lecture on "Introduction to Crop Modeling" here .

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